The Aguas Zarcas Hammerstone

Aguas Zarcas Meteorite

At 9:07pm CST on April 23rd, 2019 a meteor was seen in the sky above Alajuela province in Costa Rica. Sonic boom explosions followed a few moments later and pieces of rock rained down on the villages of: La Palmera, La Marina, Santa Rosa and Aguas Zarcas. The falling rocks were heard rustling through the high grass and leaves of the trees surrounding resident's houses.

A few people reported loud crashes as the fragments hit roofs of buildings and in one case, a dog house. It was a rare type of meteorite classified as a carbonaceous chondrite which makes up only three percent of all meteorites. Meteorite of this type are extremely valuable for science. They contain calcium aluminum inclusions that predate our sun and the birth of our solar system.

The following day Danny Rojas Castro happened to be renovating the community center "Salon Juan Rafael Rojas Quiros/Amalia Kopper Dodero" of La Marina when he noticed a strange damaged panel. Then he noticed the fragments of rock on the street and sidewalk below the roof.