The Meteorite Collection

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OC LL5 292g

Black Beauty pairing 70mg mini shield

Martian Polymict Breccia

NWA 7325

300mg and 50mg

Lunar Dar al Gani (DaG) 400

Weight: 7.94g full slice

Martian Tissint

sub gram particles


1g part slice with red paint

Tagish Lake 0.7g with with blue iridescent fusion crust

Zag 42.66g

The two white paint marks are from impact

Katol 21.72g

gift from Dave Gheesling

Danby Dry Lake H6 53.7g

I won this meteorite on YouTube from Ruben Garcia around 2007 by guessing the weight

Imilac 60g

A 1.18g part slice of the Peekskill meteorite with red paint

Carancas 22g

Zacatecas slice from an individual used as an anvil

Weight: 29.79g

Peña Blanca Spring 5.46g

NWA 807 main mass 315g

Unknown location

my first meteorites!

NWA xxx 64g

Brenham tumbled

purchased at the Brenham meteorite museum in Kansas

NWA xxx 57.5g

Taza perfect teardrop

Taza bullet

doubly oriented?

Gao mini shield 2.82g

gift from Jason Utas

Ensisheim fragment 30mg

NWA xxx 284g a.k.a. The Pizza

Chergach 4.3g

"There is nothing in the desert and no man needs nothing."

Prometheus - David 8