Institutions and People

Following is a list of institutions with expandable tabs and information about each


Arizona State University

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Arizona State University

Box 872504

Tempe, Arizona 85287- 2504

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fax 1-480-965-2747

Dr. Randy Korotev

Washington University

1 Brookings Dr

Campus Box 1169

Saint Louis MO 63130-4899


Professor J. T. Wasson

Dr. Alan E. Rubin

Institute of Geophysics

University of California

Los Angeles, California 90095-1567


Cascadia Meteorite Labratory

Department of Geology

Portland State University

P.O. Box 751

Portland, OR 97207-0751

Telephone: (503) 725-3372

Fax: (503) 725-3025

Dr. Edward R. D. Scott

Hawaii Institute of Geophysics & Planetology

School of Ocean and Earth Science Technology

University of Hawaii

Honolulu, HI 96822


Dr. Denton S. Ebel

Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences

The American Museum of Natural History

Central Park West at 79th St.

New York, NY 10024

10th St. & Constitution Ave. NW Washington, D.C. 20560

Free admission. Open every day except Dec. 25 from 10 AM to 5:30 PM

More to come