Aguas Zarcas Hammer part 2

The panel and the stone

Fortunately even despite Danny's lack of knowledge on the subject of meteorites he had enough wits to recover the rock fragments, which amounted to about 81 grams total.

He then left them on consignment in the hands of Joanne Rodriguez whom was serving as a local middle woman for meteorite sales to foreigners. Joanne is a US citizen living abroad (from Puerto Rico). We contacted her immediately after seeing a post on Facebook offering the fragments with the matching roof paint for sale. She told us of the story and we were able to contact Danny and make a donation to La Marina development and for the panel repair and got the old panel cut out and given to us as a gift.

Of the 81 grams we purchased all of the fragments with visible paint on them and a few others but we could not afford to purchase all 81 grams. Dustin Dickens later purchased the remainder from Joanne on a return trip after noticing the panel and discovering a few pieces of the sidewalk. The locals knew of the impacted panel on the building when we made our first visit as early as early June (our first trip was May 30th till June 4th).