Meteorite Casts


Created by Bob Haag

Speculated to be the nosecone of Holbrook. Arizona is famous for its huge Meteor Crater, but Holbrook also witnessed its own small meteor event. In the evening of July 19, 1912, a smoke trail appeared in the sky and soon after, at 7:15 PM, a meteorite with an estimated mass of 190 kilograms (419 pounds) exploded high in the atmosphere. An estimated 16,000 or more minor fragments rained down over Navajo County in an area about 6 miles east of Holbrook. The primary explosion was heard at least 40 miles away .

Neuschwanstein I

Neuschwanstein is an enstatite chondrite (type EL6) meteorite that fell to Earth on 6 April 2002 at 22:20:18 GMT near Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, at the Germany-Austria border.

San Ignacio

San Ignacio, IAB-MG (Jaja California) bronze cast created by the Utas family, Jason and his father.


Peekskill hand-painted cast with integrated meteorite dust from sample. Featured with paint from the impacted car (1980 red Chevy Malibu) and small meteorite sample. When it struck Earth, the meteorite weighed 26 pounds (12 kg) and measured one foot (0.30 m) in diameter.

Primm Nevada Dry Lake

3 pieces assembled 247 gram created by the amazing Paul Gessler

Martian NWA1195

The cast has meteorite cutting dust from the martian meteorite, integrated into the paint. Paint job by the amazing Paul Gessler.


The Krähenberg meteorite , also known as Krähenberger meteorite or shortly the Krähenberger , is a meteoritic solid of cosmic origin , which in 1869 in the field area of the local church Krähenberg on the Sickinger height in today's district Südwestpfalz ( Rhineland-Palatinate ) down.

Lunar Shisr 162

The cast has meteorite cutting dust from the lunar meteorite integrated into the paint. Paint job by the amazing Paul Gessler.


The Middlesbrough Meteorite fell in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England on March 14, 1881. The meteorite fell in the afternoon, hitting the ground around 3:35 pm.


Main mass cast 261kg

"After discovering and then cleaning the biggest polish meteorite Morasko weighing 261 kilograms, we have created its true copy with the help of our friend from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań.

Stromboli cast

Created by Svend Buhl

(1 of 8) Cast #597

"This meteorite was reportedly found by Berber nomads in the northwestern Sahara in Spring 2013, and was subsequently sold by a Mauritanian meteorite dealer to a Moroccan businessman. The precise find location is unknown and no in situ photos exist. The specimen weighs 1,495 g, its maximum dimensions are 14.4 x 9.1 x 9.9 cm. Its shape is that of a flat pyramid with a trapezoid basis and gently arced lateral surfaces. The meteorite’s vertical axis through its center of gravity is marked on its leading surface by an articulated apex that is slightly offset to the broader base. "

Villalbeto de la Peña

At about 17:47 P.M. on 2004 January 4, a brilliant fireball of absolute magnitude -18±2 was seen over a large area of Spain. The fireball coursed north-eastward and experienced various explosions along its trajectory. Thundering detonations were heard over a wide area and a long, smoky trail remained visible for nearly 30 minutes. A total mass of ~2.5 kg was recovered.

Various 3D printed objects

Upheaval Dome, Canyon Diablo meteor crater,

Comet 67p and Asteroid Vesta